How We Work

MEDIATION in ACTION (MIA) is a professional assessment and mediation service which has been working in the Thames Valley for 20 years. Cases are referred to us by council housing departments, homeless departments, environmental health departments, housing associations, the police and individuals. Cases will typically cover issues such as

  • Children’s behaviour
  • Complaints and counter complaints
  • Noise
  • Parking
  • Pets
  • Property boundaries
  • Property damage
  • Race
  • Rubbish
  • Verbal abuse
  • Visitors

When a case is referred, trained impartial mediators visit the clients in their own home. Confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Mediators will discuss the situation with each client separately and will assess each case to see whether it is suitable for mediation. Mediation is voluntary and the majority of cases are mediatable.

If mediators feel that mediation is possible, they will offer either a joint face-to-face mediation meeting or a shuttle mediation (where mediators take statements from one party to the other).

98 per cent of cases undertaken by MEDIATION in ACTION do go on to mediation and to date MIA has an 89 per cent success rate.

After the mediation process is finished, each case is kept open for six months. During this time, those who have participated in the mediation process may contact the service by telephone or email if they experience any difficulties or simply wish for support.

The case is closed with the referral agency after six weeks if there are no further problems but participants are aware that they can contact MEDIATION in ACTION for up to six months after closure.

If a client complains again to the referral agency with the follow-up period of six months, then the case can be referred back to MIA. If at the end of six months there are still problems with the case, then MIA will write a report about their involvement for the agency, so that the agency will be clearer about what the issues are and will be in a better position to move the case forward.

“Mediation empowers parties to control the length of the process, the issues they would like to discuss, and the outcome”

Ministry of Justice