Why Mediation in Action is Successful

At MEDIATION in ACTION, we believe we offer our clients the best chance of a successful outcome because we base our work on the following factors:

  • We assess all cases before mediation
  • We see 99 per cent of all parties referred to us within ten days
  • We ensure continuity of mediators with each case
  • We follow up at six weeks and six months
  • We are available to disputants for support up to six months after mediation if required
  • We are aware of housing, homeless and anti-social behaviour legislation
  • We maintain effective case-work recording
  • We take care to evaluate outcomes
  • We maintain regular communication and training for officers of the referring agency
  • We believe in a multi-agency approach
  • A small, friendly team means no bureaucracy
  • We provide written assessment reports for an agency (with the client’s permission) if a case is not resolved

“Mediation can be quicker, less stressful and cheaper than going to court”

Mediation in Action